Course Objectives

This program is designed to equip its participants with an in-depth knowledge of Big Data Analytics(BDA).We will use real case studies and hands-on demonstrations to illustrate the applications of key concepts. At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:
  1. Appreciate the emeregence of business analytics and big data as a competetive strategy.
  2. Analyze the datasets by applying techniques from statistics, operations research, machine learning,deep learning,network analysis and data mining.
  3. Process unstructured data such as social media messages and machine generated clickstream logs.
  4. Have a working knowledge of languages,platforms and toolsthat support statistical analysis and visualization(R/Python),distributed computing(Hadoop/Spark) and network analysis(Gephi)
  5. Apply the theories, techniques and tools to solve problems from industry sectors.

Program Goals

According to NASSCOM, in India the demand for artificial intelligence and big data analytics roles will touch 5.11 lakhs by 2018.Demand is expected to rise to 7.86 lakh by 2021.Of the 4 million jobs in the industry, the nature of 60-65% is likely to change over the next five years and focus would be re-skilling the workforce in AI and big data. Skills expected of the next gen work force will be Data Mining,Data Warehousing,Machine Learning,Java,Apache Hadoop, and python and data visualization toolsto depict insights.RIT is addressing this challenge by offering Post-Graduate Diploma in Big Data and Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is focused on enabling students with much needed skills in Data Analytics.

Benefits of the Program

  1. Innovative curriculum jointly developed with IBM on various industry specializations.
  2. Learn from experienced faculty from MSRIT and Subject Matter Experts from IBM who will teach using live industry cases.
  3. IBM Business Analytics Lab is being set up in the college premises exclusively for the PGD program.
  4. Use IBM software tools for training as part of the program.
  5. Courseware - books and material for each student.
  6. Professional certification jointly from MSRIT and IBM.

Faculty Team

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Geetha J.
Assistant Professor
Department of CSE

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Jayalakshmi D. S.
Associate Professor
Department of CSE